What Is AMD Equivalent To Intel Core i3

What Is AMD Equivalent To Intel Core i3

In this article, I am going to talk about the AMD equivalent to the Intel Core i3, which is the AMD Ryzen 3.

The Ryzen 3, like the i3, is a processor line for budget-conscious consumers. They are designed to deliver low-cost, low gaming performance and basic multitasking ability. This is why they are both found in budget laptops and desktops.

But with that being said, they are not the cheapest and weakest processors you can get. Both Intel and Ryzen have more budget-friendly options, like the AMD Athlon and Intel Pentium.

Overall these two lines are made for consumers on a budget who don’t need the power and performance of the more expensive options but still want something that can handle more than just the basics.

If you are interested in learning more about these processor lines, their differences, and how they compare to each other, then keep reading.

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So, what is AMD equivalent to i3?

I already talked about it, but in short, the AMD Ryzen 3 is the closest AMD equivalent to the Intel Core i3. Of course, there are several factors that go into comparing these two processor lines, including their generation, device compatibility, and features, but more on that later.

AMD Ryzen 3 Series CPU Details

AMD ryzen 3

In this section, I will be discussing the specifics of the AMD Ryzen 3 series CPUs. This should give you a better understanding of the capabilities of these processors and how they compare to their Intel counterparts.

The AMD Ryzen 3 is a basic CPU line and was released in 2017 as a part of the first generation of Ryzen processors. Since then, they have released five more generations of Ryzen CPUs, with the most recent being the Ryzen 6000 series that was released only for mobile and laptops at the time of this writing.

Of course, each generation has different types of processors for different devices and purposes, and this is what we are going to talk about.

1) Desktop Ryzen 3 CPUs Without Integrated Graphics

This is the most common type of Ryzen CPU. As the name implies, these are designed for desktops, do not have integrated graphics, and require a separate GPU to be installed in order to function. They are the most powerful among the Ryzen 3 series and offer the best performance.

However, AMD stopped producing desktop Ryzen 3 processors without integrated graphics with the Ryzen 4000 series. Let’s take a look at these Ryzen 3 CPU models and their specs.

CPU ModelCores/ ThreadsClock Speed (Base/ O.C.)PassMark Score
Ryzen 3 12004/43.1Ghz / 3.4Ghz6303
Ryzen 3 Pro 12004/43.1Ghz / 3.4Ghz6347
Ryzen 3 Pro 13004/43.5Ghz / 3.7Ghz7717
Ryzen 3 1300X4/43.4Ghz / 3.9Ghz6925
Ryzen 3 2300X4/43.5Ghz / 3.8Ghz7566
Ryzen 3 31004/83.6Ghz / 3.9Ghz11662
Ryzen 3 3300X4/83.8Ghz / 4.3Ghz12748

2) Desktop Ryzen 3 CPUs With Integrated Graphics

As the name implies, these CPUs are designed for desktops, have integrated graphics, and do not require a separate GPU to be installed. They are also called APUS (Accelerated Processing Units) and use the Vega graphics GPU. To know if a specific CPU model is an APU, look if there is the letter “G” or “GE” after the model number. Below there is a table with all the relevant info for these CPUs.

CPU ModelCores/ ThreadsClock Speed (Base/ O.C.)PassMark Score
Ryzen 3 2200GE4/43.2Ghz / 3.6Ghz6537
Ryzen 3 Pro 2200GE4/43.2Ghz / 3.6Ghz5897
Ryzen 3 2200G4/43.5Ghz / 3.7Ghz6782
Ryzen 3 Pro 2200G4/43.5Ghz / 3.7Ghz6703
Ryzen 3 Pro 3200GE4/43.3Ghz / 3.8Ghz7071
Ryzen 3 3200G4/43.6Ghz / 4.0Ghz7190
Ryzen 3 Pro 3200G4/43.6Ghz / 4.0Ghz7037
Ryzen 3 4300G4/83.8Ghz / 4.0Ghz10792
Ryzen 3 Pro 4350G4/83.8Ghz / 4.0Ghz10833
Ryzen 3 5300GE4/83.6Ghz / 4.2Ghz13843
Ryzen 3 5300G4/84.0Ghz / 4.2Ghz13139

3) Ryzen 3 Mobile CPUs For Laptops And Notebooks

Finally, we have the mobile Ryzen 3 series processors, which are designed for laptops, notebooks, and other mobile devices. These chips have the letter “U” at the end of their model number and are designed for lower consumption and lower heat generation.

CPU ModelCores/ ThreadsClock Speed (Base/ O.C.)PassMark Score
Ryzen 3 2200U 2/42.5Ghz / 3.4Ghz3686
Ryzen 3 2300U4/42.0Ghz / 3.4Ghz5507
Ryzen 3 3200U2/42.6Ghz / 3.5Ghz3886
Ryzen 3 3250U2/42.6Ghz / 3.5Ghz3988
Ryzen 3 3300U4/42.1Ghz / 3.5Ghz5867
Ryzen 3 3350U4/42.1Ghz / 3.5Ghz5904
Ryzen 3 4300U4/42.7Ghz / 3.7Ghz7567
Ryzen 3 5300U4/82.6Ghz / 3.8Ghz10046
Ryzen 3 5400U4/82.6Ghz / 4.0Ghz11839
Ryzen 3 5425U4/82.7Ghz / 4.1Ghz9641

Now that we know the types of Ryzen 3 processors, their specs, and how to identify them, let’s take a look at the Intel Core i3 counterpart.

Intel Core i3 Series CPU Details

intel core i3

Just like Ryzen 3, the Intel Core i3 series also has different types of CPUs designed for different devices and purposes, but there are some differences between the two, which we will cover in this section. I am going to talk from the 7th gen Core i3 to the i3 12th gen, as this is the period of time that corresponds to the current generation of Ryzen processors.

1) Desktop Intel Core i3 CPUs with Integrated Graphics

The main difference is that most of Intel’s Desktop and Mobile Core i3 processors have integrated graphics, while this is not true for Ryzen 3. The processors without integrated graphics have the letter “F” at the end of their model number.

The second difference is that, unlike Ryzen CPUs that are all unlocked and overclockable, Intel Core i3 has that feature disabled and can’t be overclocked for most of its models. Only the models with a “K” at the end of their model number can be overclocked.

CPU ModelCores/ ThreadsClock Speed (Base/ O.C.)PassMark Score
Core i3-71002/43.9Ghz4343
Core i3-73004/44.0Ghz4703
Core i3-73202/44.1Ghz4852
Core i3-7350K2/44.2Ghz4819
Core i3-81004/43.6Ghz6167
Core i3-83004/43.7Ghz6136
Core i3-8350K4/44.0Ghz6862
Core i3-91004/43.6Ghz / 4.2Ghz6622
Core i3-93004/43.7Ghz / 4.3Ghz7279
Core i3-93204/43.7Ghz / 4.4Ghz7358
Core i3-9350K4/44.0Ghz / 4.6Ghz7694
Core i3-101004/83.6Ghz / 4.3Ghz8798
Core i3-101054/83.7Ghz / 4.4Ghz8923
Core i3-103004/83.7Ghz / 4.4Ghz9284
Core i3-103054/83.8Ghz / 4.5Ghz9689
Core i3-103204/83.8Ghz / 4.6Ghz10115
Core i3-103254/83.9Ghz / 4.7Ghz10347
Core i3-121004/83.3Ghz / 4.3Ghz14506
Core i3-123004/83.5Ghz / 4.4Ghz14995

2) Desktop Intel Core i3 CPUs Without Integrated Graphics

As you already know, most Intel Core i3 CPUs come with integrated graphics, and only the models with the “F” at the end of their model number don’t have that feature. These are the CPUs listed in the table below.

CPU ModelCores/ ThreadsClock Speed (Base/ O.C.)PassMark Score
Core i3-8100F4/43.6Ghz6167
Core i3-9100F4/43.6Ghz / 4.2Ghz6767
Core i3-9350KF4/44.0Ghz / 4.6Ghz7318
Core i3-10100F4/83.6Ghz / 4.3Ghz8855
Core i3-10105F4/83.7Ghz / 4.4Ghz9141
Core i3-12100F4/83.3Ghz / 4.3Ghz14502

3) Intel Core i3 Mobile CPUs For Laptops And Notebooks

Finally, the Intel Core i3 series CPUs that are designed for mobile devices. These processors have the letter “U” at the end of their name and also have lower power consumption and heat generation.

CPU ModelCores/ ThreadsClock Speed (Base/ O.C.)PassMark Score
Core i3-7167U2/42.8Ghz3280
Core i3-7020U2/42.3Ghz2564
Core i3-7100U2/42.4Ghz2721
Core i3-7130U2/42.7Ghz2981
Core i3-8109U2/43.0Ghz / 3.6Ghz4301
Core i3-8140U2/42.1Ghz / 3.9Ghz4227
Core i3-8121U2/42.2Ghz4376
Core i3-10110U2/42.1Ghz4005
Core i3-1215U6/81.2Ghz / 4.4GhzN/A

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Ryzen 3 Vs Intel Core i3

intel core i3 vs amd ryzen 3

Now that you better understand both processor series let’s talk about their performance and how they compare to each other.

1) Number Of Cores And Threads

single cpu vs multi cpu vs clock speed

The number of cores is the actual number of cores that a CPU has, while the number of threads is the number of cores that a CPU thinks it has. Most of the time, each core has 2 threads, but some high-end CPUs have more.

The number of cores and threads is important because it’s directly related to the performance of the CPU when multitasking. To simplify things, the more cores there are, the more multitasking power a CPU has.

Ryzen 3 series used to be better at multi-core performance as most Ryzen 3 processors had 4 cores and 4 threads while the Intel Core i3 only had 2 cores and 4 threads. That changed with the release of the 10th gen Intel CPUs and now all of them have at least 4 cores, and some even have 6 or 8. So there is not much to differentiate between the two CPU series.

2) Clock Speed Or Frequency

Core Performance vs Clock Speed

The clock speed is the number of cycles per second that the processor’s cores can complete. This figure is usually measured in gigahertz (GHz), with one GHz being equal to 10^9 cycles per second. The clock speed is important as it’s directly related to the single-core performance of a CPU.

The single-core performance of a CPU is also important because when you are only running one task or program, like playing a game, that task will use only one core. So a higher clock speed will make your PC run faster.

In general, Intel CPUs have had higher clock speeds than their AMD counterparts. That was one of the main reasons why they used to offer better single-core performance. But with the latest generations of Ryzen processors, the gap between the two has been closing.

3) Benchmark Scores

benchmark test

As you already saw in the tables above, there are 4 columns, the first column is the name of the CPU Model, the second column is the Number of Cores and Threads, the third column is the Frequency Speed, and finally, the last column is the PassMark Benchmark Score.

But what is a benchmark score, and why is it so important? A benchmark is a test that measures your CPU’s performance through several different tests and then translates it into a final score.

This helps to determine the performance of your processor in real-world scenarios as the tests are designed to simulate real-world tasks.

The PassMark score that you see on the table is one of the most popular and widely used benchmarks. It’s a good indicator of the overall performance of a CPU.

This makes the benchmark results the best way to evaluate the performance of a CPU as it’s more accurate than just looking at the clock speed or the number of cores.

As you can see, both AMD Ryzen 3 and Intel Core i3 are very similar in terms of performance. So to decide which one is best, you need to take a look at specific models and check their benchmark scores.

How To Compare Ryzen 3 and Intel Core i3 CPUs The Right Way

Now that you know the basic metrics let’s look at how to compare specific models of Ryzen 3 and Intel Core i3 CPUs.

1) CPU Generation

The first and most important thing to consider is the generation of the processor. If you want to compare two CPUs, they should be from the same generation. This is because CPUs from different generations can be very different from each other in terms of performance.

For example, the Ryzen 3 3300X is a 3rd gen CPU while the Intel Core i3-10100 is a 10th gen CPU. So comparing these two would not be fair as the 10th gen Intel CPU is much newer and will offer better performance.

An example of a fair comparison would be the Ryzen 3 3300X vs. Core i3-9100. These are the same gen CPUs, so they will offer similar performance.

2) Desktop Vs Mobile

This is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. A mobile CPU like the Intel Core i3-1000U won’t perform like a desktop processor like the Ryzen 3 3300X. That’s because laptop CPUs are designed to be power efficient and run at low clock speeds. They also have a different architecture than desktop CPUs, reducing their performance.

3) Processor Type

Not all Ryzen 3 or Intel i3 processors are the same. Some are designed for gaming, while others are designed for business or general use.

For example, Ryzen 3 processors with an “X” at the end of the name are higher-performance CPUs that offer better performance in games and other graphics-intensive tasks.

The same goes for Intel CPUs; those with a “K at the end of the name are better for gaming and other graphics-intensive workloads. So make sure to compare CPUs that are designed for the same purpose.

Similarities Between Ryzen 3 and Intel i3

But there are not only differences between these two CPU series there are also a lot of similarities.

The performance is the first and probably most important similarity between Ryzen 3 and Intel Core i3.

Both of these series were designed to offer a good balance of performance and price. They can run most tasks and low-demand games without issues, but they are not the best choice for high-end gaming or high computing demands.

The second similarity is that both of these CPU series is very popular. This means that there are a lot of different models to choose from, and you can easily find one that fits your needs.

The third similarity is the price. Both of these CPU series are very affordable and offer great value for the money. This means that you can get a powerful CPU for an affordable price and save money on other components like the motherboard or cooling system.


This is everything you need to know about Ryzen 3 and Intel Core i3 CPUs. Both of these CPU series are a good choice for budget gamers and beginner content creators and are very similar in terms of CPU performance, popularity, and price. So when you’re choosing either an Intel Core i3 processor or an AMD Ryzen 3 processor, make sure to take a look at specific models and choose the model that fits your needs the best.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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